Sorry for cycling on cycle path...

We would like to publish a formal apology for using our bicycles on the seafront on Sunday, April 5.

We would like to publish a formal apology for using our bicycles on the seafront on Sunday, April 5. We were not, at the time, aware that taking small children in bike seats on the cycle path (denoted by a big picture of a bicycle on the pavement) towards the docks end of the seafront was prohibited. We were also not aware that using brakes while travelling at under 3mph (I have a speedometer) amongst pedestrians had been outlawed. I apologise that the squeak of my brakes offended an elder couple by its decibel level. I should not have stopped when I realised they were offended by my use of the path and were insisting on blocking my route, but should have veered onto the road where I belonged. I am very grateful to them for pointing out there were no cycle paths in their day so there should not be any nowadays and, therefore, I should get onto the road. I will be eternally grateful to the gentleman for swearing at me in front of our two-year-old daughter to further reinforce his point when I defended our actions by attempting to explain that we were not actually doing anything wrong. I am also indebted to him for shouting after us as we (correctly) left the path and went on to the road at the end of the cycle path. I will resist the temptation to point out again that we were riding extremely slowly and cautiously and completely within the law. I will, in future, join their campaign for the return of all cycle paths to their rightful pedestrian owners.We have used the cycle paths all winter without any problems, but now accept that we are completely wrong to do so. The correct place for a lovely family cycle ride is on the road with the quiet and sedentary Sunday seafront traffic.Name and address withheld.

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