Soldiers should get some priority

It was interesting to read councillor Jill Elson s Pontius Pilate letter in last week's Journal entitled Many deserving cases on register . How saddening it was to read her corporate buck-passing as she sought to justify why her council could not giv

It was interesting to read councillor Jill Elson's "Pontius Pilate" letter in last week's Journal entitled "Many deserving cases on register". How saddening it was to read her "corporate buck-passing" as she sought to justify why her council could not give any priority to the housing needs of a serviceman being medically discharged. She assures us that she has "the greatest sympathy" and that "EDDC officers have done their very best to help him", "within the tight constraints imposed upon them". She also states that "We have no immediate council property to offer this family, even if it were within our power to give them precedence over other deserving cases".Pray tell Ms Elson, "what other more deserving cases?" Whilst you and your fellow councillors sit in your air conditioned offices, claiming expenses from us the tax payers, these brave men and women are sent to the far reaches of the globe, to serve their country and take serious risks. Sadly, when they are maimed and injured, they return home to find they are second-class citizens in their own land. They are stuck in a queue behind those who are milking the benefit system and getting council houses. Whilst those who work or have served their country are pushed to the back of the queue, because the council must be "guided by legislation!!" Perhaps it would pay Ms Elson and her fellow councillors to think of those that serve their country, that we, the public, are becoming very disillusioned with politicians in general, be they local or national. Perhaps she should take the time to have a look on the internet at the case of a young Royal Marine, called Joe. He had his legs blown off by a land mine in Afghanistan and his local council rejected his grandparents' planning application for a small bungalow in the grounds of their property. Even though no neighbours objected. When the Facebook group to support Joe in his cause started, there were several hundred members, this rose to 238,824 members and Noel Edmonds, Gordon Brown and David Cameron got involved. Joe got his bungalow and the council at Pevensey will probably get some new councillors.Instead of pontificating in the pages of the Journal, perhaps Ms Elson should be doing her utmost as a "representative of the people" to ensure the housing needs of this serviceman get some priority. After all, the reason we are all able to sleep soundly in our beds and live in a democracy is down to the sacrifice of men such as this. Something which seems to slip the minds of those who send such men into harm's way.Perhaps if the serviceman concerned is reading this we might get Facebook involved in your campaign?Ian Woolger,5 Isca Road, Exmouth.