Sofa dumped at Exmouth bus stop

The culprit who dumped a three-seated sofa in a Dinan Way bus stop could face a hefty fine if caught, the district council is warning Fly tippers face a stiff penalty if they are caught dumping rubbish or furniture on the street, East Devon District Council say

The district council is warning fly tippers they face a stiff penalty if they are caught dumping rubbish or furniture on the street - �300 in urban areas and up to �50,000 and imprisonment for offences in the countryside.

The council said the public and homeowners were reminded of their legal duty when getting people in to clear rubbish or garden waste for them.

East Devon District Council said it was the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the person they employed disposed of the waste in the correct manner – adding they could still be found liable if dumped rubbish was traced back to its original source.

A council spokesman said: “Fly-tippers should be warned they could be liable to a heavy fine or even imprisonment.

“They often leave behind clues as to their identity so we are hopeful of catching the culprits.

“The cost of clearing illegal fly-tipped waste is borne by us all through our council tax.”

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To report fly-tipping, or if you have any information about someone illegally disposing of waste, contact the council on (01395) 517 528.

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