So proud of the young at parade

I would like to voice my thoughts on the Exmouth Remembrance Parade I have just witnessed.

I moved to Exmouth four years ago, and attended the 2006 parade. I was struck then by the very large number of uniformed young people on parade, as well as all other groups. I made a rough count, some 300 - a most impressive number. I then made an approximate count of the total number of all people there - I made it about 3,000, an equally impressive number.

As to this year, I really do not think this parade, and especially the young uniformed people involved, can go unmentioned.

It was wet, and got wetter as the parade and service went on. All ages, band included, paraded without overgarments for the weather, preferring, I presume, to display proudly their respective uniforms. Getting so very wet, along with the cold, must have been a sore trial.

A few of the youngsters were of middle teens in age, but the greater number were much younger, even down to very small Brownies.

I would like to make especial mention of two groups. Firstly, the very young, most of whom managed to stay the distance despite being, I am sure, extremely wet and cold. I saw a young boy of about nine (?), being approached by his father (?) to take him away, off parade. The youngster refused to go!

Secondly, the ATC detachment on parade. With no disrespect to any other group, these boys and girls were first class - as, indeed, I remember them in 2006.

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As an example of how good so many youngsters can still be these days, the Exmouth Remembrance Parade was a shining example. Well done to all.

D Richardson, (via email).