So disappointed

My mother, grandmother, and umpteen preceding generations, were born, lived and died in Exmouth, and it is with regret that these days I visit but once a year. So you can imagine my disappointment on my recent visit to find myself too late to comment formally on the Exmouth Master plan.

On second thoughts, it would have been hard. It was not possible to read more than a few sentences of this thing without dissolving into helpless laughter. It is a long time since I have read such a concentration of self-serving ‘planner speak’.

The opinion survey form was especially comical. I could find no combination of answers that would prevent East Devon District Council doing pretty much whatever it wanted in whatever order it wanted.

I think it is a shame about what has been done, and what will be done, to Exmouth. I am only pleased that they have kept their attention off the sea (or is that now ‘the Water Hub’) and the beach (‘the Sand Hub’).

Roger Boyle

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