Skippers donate cash

A FISHERMAN s association with members from Exmouth has donated �500 to charity.

A FISHERMAN's association with members from Exmouth has donated �500 to charity.

The Charter Skippers Association, an entity which is responsible for taking people out fishing, has given the money to the Mission to Seamen.

Keith Graham, Exmouth's harbourmaster, said: "We have just had a meeting and found there was �500 in our kitty which was there to be used for a legal purpose should it ever need to be used.

"We never use it, so rather than keep it in the bank doing nothing, we decided to give it to the Mission to Seamen charity."

The association's money is collected from subs' fees.

Keith, who has worked as harbourmaster for 16 years, said that, if the money built up again, they would once again donate the money to good causes.

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He added: "We used to have dinners and go to the Manor Hotel.

"If we didn't get up to the right amount we would use this money but we don't have these kind of things anymore so it was thought 'why not use it for a worthwhile cause?'

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