Skateboard ban signs set for Strand

New signs to help enforce the ban on skateboards, scooters and bicycles in the Strand could be up as early as this week.

Pressure is on district council bosses to enforce a ban on skateboards, bikes and scooters in the new-look Strand Gardens and near the war memorial.

Town councillors had pledged to lobby East Devon District Council to enforce the existing bye-law following complaints by residents and traders.

And at the recent meeting of the general purposes and regeneration committee at the town hall, its chairman said signs were imminent.

Councillor Pauline Stott said: “The police cannot enforce bye-laws without signs.

“Hopefully signs will be up before the end of this week before the school holidays.”

Cllr Steve Gazzard said: “What is something that young kids should be able to enjoy is being spoilt by the actions of a few.”