Is the market stabilising as we move into the summer months? 

If you want a speedy sale, you could try an auction.

Auctions are picking up - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

August is traditionally a quiet month for the property market, as potential buyers and sellers head off on their holidays and take a break. The holiday season also allows for thinking time as people relax and potentially make plans to make a move in the autumn months. As restrictions have eased this year we are all looking forward to a well-earned break after over a year of various lockdown situations. 

With sales reaching a record peak over the spring months in the property world, I am sure my colleagues across the industry are looking forward to a quieter month and a time to refresh. Following such an active time and a rush for buyers to purchase ahead of the stamp duty holiday deadline, available property and land for sale in the West Country is currently low, but demand remains high. Prices have surged over recent months with demand outstripping supply. The market is ready for an increase in properties for awaiting purchasers who are keen to make a move. 

If a sale is something you have been considering but the fast-paced market has put you off, now might be a good time to speak to your property expert to get advice on your local market and take the leap into putting your home up for sale, with demand still high in the area. 

If an auction sale is something that you have been considering, if your property or land is right for the auction process, then there is no need to wait. The online auction process means that auction dates can run any day throughout the year without the need to wait for an auction event on a certain date. For properties not in a chain it gives certainty and security as exchange occurs at the fall of the virtual gavel and buyers are committed to see the sale through at this point. I am always happy to help with advice and if you have any questions relating to your sale please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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