Signs are on our own land

I am writing in response to Mr Bowman s letter published in last week s Journal concerning advertising signage on pavements.

am writing in response to Mr Bowman's letter published in last week's Journal concerning advertising signage on pavements.

As the licensees of the Rolle Arms, we feel we have to set the record straight about our signs and why ours are allowed.

We are fortunate, we own the land that runs directly in front of the pub where our signs are situated, hence allowing us to put them out.

These signs do not block the pavement as the council pavement runs alongside ours, which is kept clear.

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We are just fortunate we have this land. The council have been to look at our signs and we have received no correspondence from them saying they need to be removed or altered, and, subsequently checking with the council, they have confirmed this.

We believe any business needs the right to advertise in any way they can, within the law, and we are fortunate with our land ownership that we can advertise with our signs, or otherwise we would be in the same situation as others.

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Paul and Ami Bowsher-Grief,

The Rolle Arms,

Lower Budleigh,

East Budleigh.

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