Shiver me timbers! - Pirates at Exmouth RNLI

Why are pirates called pirates? – Because they arrrrrrrr. Exmouth RNLI came under siege by this swarthy group, pictured here, who collected booty and doubloons for the charity while marking International Pirate Day.

The pirate posse had been planning the event for almost a year as part of Exeter Pirate Day.

The swashbucklers raised hundreds of pounds for the sea safety charity while sinking more than a few pints of grog when they visited 15 local taverns along the way.

A spokesperson for the buccaneers said raising funds for the RNLI had proved so popular last year, it was decided to repeat the fundraising mission.

This year the pirates raised �400 thanks to collection buckets and pledges from absentee shipmates.

Organiser Cap’in Queeg said: “It was great fun. The guys at Exmouth RNLI were fantastic and we are looking forward to raising cash for them again next year.”

Pictured here, with permission to go aboard, is Black-hearted Hex the Time Wench (Heather McClenahan), Bosun Bad Tricks (Dexter Fuller), Freya the Slayer (Freya Aldred) and Notorious Natty (Nathaniel Hawes) with Cap’in Queeg, and Exmouth RNLI crew Tom Angell, Ian Taylor and Chris Sims.