Shared pathway

Given Cllr Tom Wright’s excellent personal record in supporting sensible community initiatives for Budleigh, particularly for young people, it was not surprising, but, nonetheless, reassuring to read of his opposition to the cycle ban.

The more constructive proposals for an explicitly shared pathway seem finally to be accepted as the sensible way forward and I am sure, if Cllr Wright or one of his colleagues takes a lead in setting up a meeting of interested parties, we could translate this into practical and urgent action.

Any minor funding implications could surely be tackled in two ways.

First, by redeploying the paint and labour costs which are just about to be wasted on ‘No Cycling’ roadway graffiti.

Secondly, many local cyclists and families would support a light-hearted sponsored cycle ride in the town - provided, that is, we can keep well away from the climb up Coastguard Hill and the death defying right turn at Coastguard Road down Salting Hill!

Tom McAusland

(via email).