Sex in Exmouth loos - police investigate

Exmouth police are investigating claims Manor Gardens public toilets are being used as a day-time meeting place for sex.

Exmouth police are investigating claims Manor Gardens public toilets are being used as a day-time meeting place for sex.

Escalating reports from the public have prompted the police to take action to curb the couples hooked on public thrill-seeking.

Officers at Exmouth are keen to hear from the public if they have witnessed any lewd behaviour taking place.

The police plan to put together a dossier of evidence and prosecute anyone found engaging in sexual activity in the busy public convenience.

Exmouth officers are also working closely with the district council and strategies - extra police patrols and or permanently closing the toilets if the problem persists - could be put in place.

Sergeant Glynn Currey, Devon and Cornwall police diversity officer, said: "If anybody has seen anybody engaging in sexual activity in any of the town's toilets in Exmouth, report it to the police.

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"We are also happy to hear from anyone who may have witnessed sexual activity and was affected by what they saw."

Exmouth neighbourhood police sergeant Phil Godfrey said reports from the public walking in on bonking couples had increased over the last few weeks.

He said unlike other areas in the country where public toilets are regularly used by randy pairs, the facilities in Manor Gardens showed no signs of being abused.

Sergeant Godfrey said no evidence - such as internet advertising, lewd graffiti or refuse - had been left by canoodling couples.

He said: "It has been highlighted as an issue and we are looking into it. It could have been going on for a long time.

"The neighbourhood beat manager has been aware of an issue there in the last two or three weeks.

"We will collate the reports that are coming to us. If there are offences being committed and we have got the evidence we will deal with it."

Devon and Cornwall Police has a strict force policy which Exmouth officers are bound by when carrying out their investigation.

A police spokesperson said: "It is our responsibility to protect and uphold the human rights of everybody in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

"This includes people affected by sexual behaviour in public places and also those who engage in such behaviour.

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