‘Serial speeder’ Exmouth pensioner banned from driving


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An 81-year-old Exmouth woman has been banned from driving after she was caught speeding four times at the same spot

An 81 year old woman motorist from Exmouth has been banned from driving after admitting she was a serial speeder.

Maureen Butterworth, of Halsdown Gardens, in Exeter Road, was caught speeding four times by the same speed camera at the same location – doing the exact same speed.

The pensioner was caught doing 38mph along 30mph-zone Salterton Road, Exmouth, in her Nissan Micra car.

She was caught out on August 8, August 14, September 13 and September 23 last year.

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Mrs Butterworth admitted four charges of speeding.

The court heard she already had nine points on her driving licence and a ban was inevitable.

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Mrs Butterworth’s family said she did not intend to drive again and was selling her car.

The defendant’s daughter wrote to the court to say her mother would use buses and taxis to get around.

Exeter magistrates’ legal advisor Anna Miller said the pensioner would not attending court because of her ‘hearing and poor mobility’.

The court was told the pensioner was caught on camera doing 38mph on three occasions and one occasion was doing 39mph on the 30mph main road.

The magistrates gave her three points for each of the speeding cases – a total of 12 – to be added to the nine points already on her licence.

She was fined a total of £240, plus £105 court costs and banned from driving for six months.

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