Seagull blight debated

WAYS to combat Exmouth s growing seagull blight will be debated by town councillors next week.

WAYS to combat Exmouth's growing seagull blight will be debated by town councillors next week.

Councillor Steve Gazzard has called for the town council to adopt a three point plan of attack to deal with the problem.

Last May the district council attempted to formulate an action plan following a bevy of complaints about aggressive seagulls in East Devon's coastal towns.

But after a two-year study pest control experts said measures could cost �90,000 and could not be sure of success - leading many district councillors to brand it 'a waste of money.'

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But Councillor Gazzard has proposed the town council take another look at the problem and said; "(The town council should)...take steps to help mange the seagull population in Exmouth in a way that will frighten birds away from the town centre and residential areas..."

He added that a list of possible solutions and costs should be drawn up along with options for funding and the town council should accept responsibility for the problem.

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Last year Exmouth district councillor Jill Elson said new waste management contract, implemented last year, would be more effective, because residents would be issued with wheelie bins with secure lids.

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