Lets welcome visitors back to beautiful area of the world

Exmouth Beach. Ref exe 21 19TI 1020148.

Exmouth Beach. Ref exe 21 19TI 1020148. - Credit: Archant

Exmouth auctioneer Scott Gray, who has appeared on BBC's Homes Under the Hammer, writes for the Journal

Exmouth auctioneer Scott Gray, who appears regularly on BBC's Homes Under the Hammer

Exmouth auctioneer Scott Gray, who appears regularly on BBC's Homes Under the Hammer - Credit: Scott Gray

As you read my column you might be planning a day to the shops on the high street, preparing for a session at the gym or getting ready for a meal outside with friends.

April 12 saw another turning point in the easing of restrictions and another step forward to normal life.

One I have been greatly looking forward to. Whilst I feel fortunate that the property industry has been running throughout recent months, I feel the barriers in place limiting face to face business with potential clients and partners has made an impact on my new business and will have done across many local businesses.

I look forward, more than ever, to business & networking events, conferences and being able to easily meet with others. These future events, conferences and meetings will take place in the many hospitality venues we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.

Whilst the property industry has been able to continue, with restrictions, the hospitality industry as a whole has been hit hard by the pandemic.

With hotels, accommodation, restaurants and pubs facing the strictest restrictions leading to many weeks and months closed. Our region relies on this industry to accommodate and welcome visitors year after year to holiday and enjoy our beaches, countryside and all our region has to offer.

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Bringing funds to our economy and providing us with year round facilities that are heavily supported by spending during the busy holiday months of the year.

When we can, lets ensure together we support our local businesses those within hospitality, retail and travel to name a few. Shop small, eat out if we can, and lets not forget the hard times that people have been under.

Recovery takes time and businesses will need our continued support to pull through.

The summer influx of visitors, many of whom return annually, will also bring their much needed support and spending. I for one am looking forward to the familiar summer scenes of the beach filled with holiday makers, ice cream queues backing up along the pavements and with it a
return to normality. 

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