Satellite state of Europe

I wonder how many of your readers can remember as far back as pre-1974, when Exmouth had its own urban district council, which worked amicably with the Devon County Council?

I wonder how many of your readers can remember as far back as pre-1974, when Exmouth had its own urban district council, which worked amicably with the Devon County Council? The EUDC had extensive powers and, on the whole, used them wisely. There was none of this 'them and us' with the political parties, they worked together for the good of the town and its residents.

In 1974, the East Devon District Council came into being and everything changed. We had no town council, we were served (if that's the correct term) by a committee of EDDC. Everything Exmouth had ever possessed, from land to regalia, was grabbed by the EDDC. All correspondence concerning Exmouth went to Knowle because Exmouth, we were informed, had no legal status.

If you wanted to know anything you had to go over to Sidmouth and there, would you believe, you would often find the documents you needed had not been unpacked, or had got soaked, having been stuffed into bin bags and dumped in a cellar, or had simply been lost in the transfer. Word of honour, this is true. Many's the time Exmothians blessed past EUDC councillors, like my mother and Freda Morgan and dear old Jarvis Graves, who had kept records and were willing to speak openly.

Everyone knows about the period that followed 1974, the big campaigns, the general dissatisfaction, the feeling that we were being treated with contempt. Still happening, do I hear someone mutter? Yes, indeed, but it is not quite as bad as it was now that we have won back legal status for the town. Boy, did that take some doing!

December brings the Lisbon Treaty into force and, believe me, it will be 1974 all over again, with bells on, only this time nationwide. This is a self-amending treaty, so it can be changed or added to without consultation with anyone. Think about that. It's the biggie. It's what the French and the Dutch rejected and they, contrary to the EU's own law, were ignored. The Irish, bless their hearts, were made to vote again and bullied and bribed into voting Yes.

In December, Britain will go down from being a proud sovereign kingdom to a mere satellite state of Europe. Contrary to our own laws and the Queen's Coronation oath we, the British people, have been handed over on a platter to the control of an unelected and unaccountable foreign group in Brussells. Without consultation or explanation and at a cost of �50m per day. Per day.

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This morning, my beloved was asked what I am doing these days. Well, folks, I will tell you what I am doing, I'm fighting back. Having been a member of UKIP for a while now, and being a reader of think tank Open Europe reports, I know the truth about the EU.

I also know that the fat lady has not sung yet, it's not all over. There is a wonderful lady named Anne Palmer JP (no relation, I'm sorry to say), who is mounting a spirited campaign and I do recommend those of you with computers to look her up and read her letter to Cameron. There is also UKIP. Having tried for so long to get the truth across to the nation, UKIP is putting Plan B into operation very soon. Watch this space!

Ann Prior,

75 Egremont Road, Exmouth.

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