Sarah Allen: Warm blanket of support was quickly wrapped around me as life took a turn for worse

Like many others I wish to say a heart-felt thank you to the NHS

Like many others I wish to say a heart-felt thank you to the NHS - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Environmental campaigner Sarah Allen writes for the Journal

If you’ve read my column before you might be surprised to know I’ve recently worn single-use face masks, had my food shopping delivered in plastic bags and drunk out of single-use cups.

Things have been very different this year, you don’t need me to tell you that I know.

Unfortunately, I’ve been facing more than the coronavirus pandemic having been diagnosed with breast cancer last month. A shock, a mental blow at a time when the pandemic had already left me depleted.

Life, once again, took a turn for the worse and immediately changed.

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Luckily, I live in the UK. Like many others I wish to say a heart-felt thank you to the NHS. As well as the actual service itself there are incredible individuals who are working in hospitals and doctor surgeries throughout this pandemic. I am so grateful for their kindness, understanding and skills, thank you.

A warm blanket of support was quickly wrapped around me, with friends picking up supplies and sending messages.

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I’ve also had homemade fruit pie, casserole, bread, cookies, plastic-free chocolate, doughnuts, flowers and plants left on my doorstep to help improve our mental wellbeing, lift our spirits a little as well as fill our tummies!

So, this column isn’t on the normal eco-friendly living theme, I’ve done what I can but just trying to keep living has been the general theme round here recently.

So, single-use face masks when asked to wear them prior to tests and surgery, single-use cups of water while in hospital and single-use shopping bags as supermarkets still seem to insist on delivering food in them are unavoidable unfortunately.

I’m still able to access some eco-friendly businesses such as getting plastic-free produce delivered by Heart and Soul and reusable glass bottles of milk and orange juice from Milk and More.

The pepper plant I grew from a seed in a supermarket pepper is miraculously fruiting in November, providing a little home-grown nutrition from where it grows in the porch by the front door.

So while I pause a little, let me know how you’re living an eco-friendly life and follow my journey at:

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