A few easy steps can prevent littering on the beaches - Sarah Allen column

Sarah Allen with her empty black bin. Ref exe 22 18TI 4419. Picture: Terry Ife

Sarah Allen with her empty black bin. Ref exe 22 18TI 4419. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

In her latest column, environmental campaigner Sarah Allen sets out some easy steps to prevent littering on the beach

I think many people reading this will agree Exmouth is a lovely place to live.

To me, the beach is the jewel in the crown.

Although I’ve lived here for 15 years I still sometimes have to pinch myself to believe I actually live by the sea!

Something I also find unbelievable is beach litter and how people out enjoying a day at the beach are actually spoiling it!

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This seemed to reach a peak on a sunny Thursday last month.

After all, the pressure of restrictions and lockdown, it is amazing to be able to sit on a beach again,

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I’m pleased people are able to enjoy this fabulous resource.

However, what gets left behind is not fabulous, litter on the sand and by over-flowing bins.

The council empties the bins regularly but any litter left can and does blow into the sea.

Out it’ll go and wildlife, such as dolphins, can easily mistake our waste for their next meal with often tragic consequences.

Now I know that we welcome many visitors to Exmouth and I would like to think it isn’t Exmouth folk trashing their own beach.

However, there are a few easy steps we can all take.

Firstly, always try to take your rubbish home.

That way you can sort it to be recycled and leave plenty of space in the beach bins for those who, for example have travelled by train, may find it a bit harder to take it back with them.

Secondly, never leave litter next to a bin or stuff it into an already over-flowing bin; this is still littering (though, at least, with some good intentions).

For information on local groups who are trying to turn the tide on beach litter see www.facebook.com/rhubarbandrunnerbeans

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