Sandy Bay

I read that Bourne Leisure intend to spend millions of pounds on making their holiday park at Sandy Bay more attractive to their visitors and cite the possibilities for more jobs for Exmouth and more visitors that will mean a big benefit to the town.

I have never been totally convinced that the Bourne Leisure operation is of great benefit to Exmouth, as they are principally encouraging their visitors to stay in the camp and not venture outside so that the company can maximise their profits without having to compete with other attractions in the town.

The benefits to Exmouth would only be seen as substantial if the company were to make funds available to re-route the holiday traffic away from the bottleneck junctions that are the main cause of problems with the Sandy Bay holiday traffic through the summer period.

All traffic for the holiday camp should be diverted off the A376 onto a newly-completed Dinan Way extension and then build a new access route from Salterton Road to Littleham and the camp site.

This will take a lot more than the paltry sum that the company is suggesting that they would spend in the camp for improvements and the promise of more jobs would still be there, if they ever come about, that is.

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East Devon District Council, when considering the application for the new development at the camp, must insist that these road links are provided and built at the company’s cost before any other development is granted for the site.

R Roberts,

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(via email).

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