Ruining the town

PUBLISHED: 07:00 09 March 2013

Recently, the Journal had a couple of pages outlining Exmouth Vision and the Regeneration plans, which I read with increasing incredulity.

Undoubtedly, thousands of pounds have already been wasted on this exercise, and for what purpose?

Not to regenerate, but to commercialise Exmouth, and bring in money for East Devon District Council.

What is planned is not in keeping with the character Exmouth, nor in the interest of its residents, visitors, or its struggling retailers.

The appeal of Exmouth is its unspoiled seafront, the naturalness of the estuary area, independent shops, cafés and restaurants, and the general lack of commercialism.

It has much to offer for residents and visitors as it stands.

The proposal to site a supermarket on the rugby ground is appalling and all it will achieve is further hastening the decline of the town centre, and ruining the town’s link to the estuary.

And then there is the Splash development which will ruin and commercialise an unspoiled area of the seafront. If people want to visit Blackpool or Bognor, then they can visit Dawlish or one of the many holiday centres near Exmouth.

They seem hell bent on ruining the character and appeal of Exmouth, and are masking this with the euphemism ‘regeneration’.

In my opinion, it is all about making money out of this town, and trying to move Exmouth downmarket.

No town should stand still, and improvements are needed in Exmouth.

EDDC should concentrate its resources and vision on improving what we already have.

Is the Strand finished? What is happening there? The Magnolia Centre is in a poor state - regeneration is desperately needed in that area.

Encouragement and help should be given to independent traders.

We need more interesting and unique retail/eating outlets. Nothing is done to protect the rapidly disappearing sand dunes. Why not?

We have a problem with aggressive seagulls - where are the signs?

There is much EDDC should be doing, but instead it continues to push and waste money on these unpopular proposals.

I have lived in many parts of the UK and I have never come across a council which so blatantly ignores the wishes of its residents.

Clive Paul


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