Rotarian laptops and tablets appeal for home schooling

A member of the the Rotary Club of Exmouth Raleigh with a laptop

A member of the the Rotary Club of Exmouth Raleigh with a laptop - Credit: Sue Francis

Exmouth’s two Rotary clubs have come together in a bid to provide school children with laptops and tablets for their education. 

The Rotarians are appealing to businesses and individuals in the Exmouth area for laptop computers or tablets which are less than five years old to be donated to needy children for home learning. 

Donations of money to purchase much-needed computers are also welcomed. 

The Rotarians can collect items and deliver to the children who need them. 

The clubs have skilled ‘wizards’ who are able to update the computers/tablets. 

A spokesman for both Rotary clubs said: “We appreciate there are similar schemes throughout Devon but this Appeal is for the needy children of Exmouth and district and extremely worthwhile at this time.   

“Please help if you can. The joint Rotary Club of Exmouth thank you all for your continued support.” 

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Anyone able to help should ring Rotarian David Gingell on 01395 278448  

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