Rollerblading chicken in charity challenge

A rollerblading chicken will be speeding along Exmouth seafront next weekend to raise money for vulnerable animals.

Chris Ware, 14, will be doing a sponsored rollerblade for four miles up and down the Esplanade on May 29, while dressed up as Buglet the Chicken..

Chris will be raising money for Tower Hill Stables animal sanctuary in Essex.

He is a youth contact for animal rights campaign group Evolve and, as well as being a strict vegan, is committed to raising money for animal care.

Chris said: “I wanted to raise money for Tower Hill because the owner works so hard to look after 400 animals.

“I do rollerblading as a hobby and thought doing it in a chicken suit would be a good way to raise money.”

“I just want to raise as much as possible really. Around �1,000 would be good.”

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Although he will be completing his fund-raising run disguised as a chicken, Chris says Buglet’s name offers a clue to his true identity.

“I looked at a list of chicken names and Buglet was one of them and I remembered that my mum used to call me Buglet when I was younger! So I had to pick that one.”

To sponsor Chris, go to

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