Rolle college

Concerning the letter from Mr Burgess in Journal of November 11 regarding “Rolle being a site for social housing needs and Rolle not being fit for purpose for community use”.

Surely, all the local people in Rolle Exmouth who have closely monitored the Rolle sale and, who have given hours of painstaking work and site visits during the past year, since our strong local community response last November, would have already identified any unsuitability of the site for the town’s further use.

There is a definite need for more space for our local community college, which will be even more overcrowded shortly when the statutory age for education becomes 18, and Exeter College will continue to have problems with keeping 16-plus students from Exmouth (biggest drop-out-rate due to travel and finance). What conditions are acceptable for our young people? Ask any A level student.

The buildings are still in good condition, as they were in student use until two years ago, with the Owen building only completed in 2002, costing �2.1 million of taxpayer’s money.

Surely, a town of 36,000-plus citizens should turn this building into a valuable community asset, enhancing Exmouth. Do not let it become overspill for new towns or expensive retirement housing for outsiders.

With everyone’s strong community support, we should be able to secure a positive outcome for Exmouth.

L Wilson,

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