RNLI help plea

Between May 2 and 13, our annual house-to-house collections took place in Exton, Woodbury, West Hill, Lympstone and Exmouth. As a result, the sum of �2,334.04 was raised.

On June 2, Tesco kindly permitted a collection at its main Exmouth branch, where �705.15 was raised.

Once again, our sincere thanks to contributors, collectors, counters and those behind the scenes who make the collections such a success.

Despite the monies raised, for which we are truly grateful to all contributors, there continues to be a reduction year on year.

If you are a keen supporter of the RNLI and wish to assist us with collections, please contact me or a member of the local guild.

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Forthcoming event: Saturday, July 16 - RNLI Flag Day, Exmouth.

Please continue to give generously.

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Thank you.

Dave Bray


1 Morton Road, Exmouth.

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