RNLI call-out: clarification

Our article of April 15, “Launch criticised”, referred to a complaint about a private rescue call, and quoted a local resident stating that the name and location of the casualty vessel had been withheld from the Coastguard during the incident.

We have subsequently been in contact with Mr Tim Mock, the Coxswain, who states that the Coastguard was, in fact, provided with the information via telephone, by the Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) whilst the lifeboat was being launched.

Mr Mock also says that the casualty vessel was towed by Exmouth lifeboat because, as a Mersey class all-weather lifeboat, this was the most suitable RNLI vessel in the vicinity.

The casualty boat was brought into Exmouth because the nearest harbour (Lyme Regis) was unsuitable for a vessel of this draught, at that time.

We are happy to make this clear.