Riding roughshod

So East Devon District Council has ridden rough shod over the views of Exmothians and has stated that it will go ahead with the �400,000 pavilion in the Strand Gardens.

OK, so it’s going ahead, but is it written in stone that it must house a cafe?

If EDDC has the best interests of the people of Exmouth at heart and wants to bring more tourists into Exmouth, they should consider using this structure to house an art Gallery and possibly re-house the hidden-away Exmouth Museum.

This would enhance Exmouth an, indeed, turn the “carbuncle” into something “iconic”.

The idea of yet another cafe in The Strand is the daftest thing I have ever heard and, if the councillors are so lacking in imagination, what on earth are they being paid for?

Perhaps we should all let them know our feelings in the May elections.

Janet Knights

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