Reserve judgement

So Councillor Tim Wood (full page article in last week’s Journal) says we must have a new superstore on the rugby ground. Surely, he should refrain from committing himself until after the consultation has finished?

Interesting, too, that the ‘food store’ proposed in the Master Plan has now transmuted into a full blown superstore of a size to compete with the Tesco store on the Salterton Road.

Has Cllr Wood considered all the issues? He suggests that a superstore, which will sell virtually everything, will ‘complement’ town traders. But will it? What exactly will you want to buy in town after you have completed your shopping in the superstore?

As an organisation, we have spent hours studying the Master Plan. We are trying to be fair-minded and rational in our assessment of what is viable, what would be beneficial and what is not. Now we must wonder whether our responses will actually be given genuine consideration.

Could I, at this late stage, plead with councillors to reserve their judgement, keep an open mind and be receptive to what people may have to say?

Geoff Morris

Chairman, Exmouth Residents’ Association,

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9 Trinfield Avenue, Exmouth.