Remain vigilant

As the founder of Brixington and Bystock Action Group, which was formed in September, 2010, to address issues within the East Devon District Council (EDDC) Local Development Framework Proposals, I and a number of members have actively been lobbying both Exmouth Town Council (ETC) and EDDC to express the views and wishes of the residents within our area, against the proposed building of 1,000 buildings (homes and commercial properties) within the St Johns Wood and St John in the Wilderness development areas.

I am pleased to report that, working with local councillors, the Exmouth Town Council submitted a comprehensive argument against the use of St John’s Wood for any development to EDDC LDF planning committee.

Many weeks of anxious debate and meetings have taken place throughout Exmouth and within the council chambers of Exmouth and Knowle.

As a result, common sense has prevailed and St Johns Wood area has now been removed from the LDF proposal. This has been taken from:

Section 9 deals with Exmouth. It includes the original proposals in the LDF and the suggested revisions made in the light of representations from the public and from other interested bodies. (p.27)

Landowners (or their representatives) made presentations to the Local Development Framework Panel in respect of four sites – land north of Dinan Way, east of St John’s Road, north of Liverton Business Park and off Littleham Road.

The consultation on the Preferred Approach resulted in a considerable number of objections, principally in respect of the high number of homes being proposed.

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The site at St John’s Wood, with 1,000 houses proposed, attracted by far the most criticism, including from the town council.

The evaluation of this site highlighted the potential impact on the landscape, the loss of countryside and agricultural land, the very poor highway access, the presence of legally protected species and the setting of the listed St John in the Wilderness Church.

This site has, as a consequence, been deleted from the suggested allocations.

Although the plans have been removed, the group will urge Exmouth Town Council and ward councillors to remain vigilant and monitor the situation meeting by meeting.

I wish to thank all our supporters for their time, effort, encouragement and support over this period.

Jeff Trail

Brixington and Bystock Action Group,

Trails End, 34 Port Mer Close, Exmouth.