Refurbished Topsham Pool opens

Topsham Swimming Pool has opened its doors for the summer after a major revamp.

The outdoor pool reopened last weekend and returning swimmers were able to enjoy major improvements.

The biggest change was the fitting of a new �30,000 boiler, replacing the original unit which had been running for more than 30 years.

The new boiler is designed to save energy and still keep the pool toasty warm in all weathers, which will be a relief to the 6am ‘Nutters Club’ swimmers.

The pool has also been fitted with new signs, planters and deckchairs, and the changing rooms have been redecorated.

Still to come are new benches and floats and replacement doors and windows for the building, which will be fitted next winter.

The pool’s committee hopes that, by spending money on improvements now, the pool will be in good shape for the next 10 years or more.

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Pool committee member Andrea Veale said: “It’s been a lot of hard work by a small team, but it’s made a big improvement.

“It’s a lovely pool anyway, but from the feedback we’ve had, it’s a positive change.

“We had a coffee morning last Thursday for the pool volunteers, so they could have a look round before the reopening, and their reaction was really positive.

“We hope the swimmers like it just as much.”

The work has been funded entirely by the pool itself, which is run by a committee of volunteers without any council support and is funded solely by income from entrance fees.

Andrea said: “As usual, we need customers through the door right from the beginning of the season.”

The pool will now be open seven days a week until the end of the school holidays in September. For more information and opening times visit