Recycling trial well received in Exmouth

PUBLISHED: 06:30 10 January 2016


An ongoing recycling trial piloted by the district council in The Colony, allowing curb -side collections of cardboard and mixed plastics, has won the support of residents.

Around 2,000 homes in Exmouth and Feniton have been able to recycle more since September 2015; fortnightly grey bin collections has been reduced to three-weekly.

The East Devon District Council trials are ahead of the appointment of a new recycling and waste contractor, due this year.

The council said feedback and information from the trial will help make a decision on any future changes to the current recycling and waste service for the whole district.

Speaking about the trial, Great-granddad, Alan Smith, 85, who lives in The Colony with his wife, Eulalie, said: “It’s working fine for us. I’m glad we’re doing something a bit extra. You have to be a bit more organised, but it becomes a natural thing to do after a few days.”

Mum Phillipa Martin said: “I must admit that I was a little concerned at first, but it’s really easy once you get a little more organised.”

Mum-of-two Kara Mundy said: “I always had so much rubbish and I just couldn’t cope with it. There was never a week where I managed to get the lid of the waste wheelie bin down properly. It was really embarrassing. When the council announced the new trials, I panicked.

“I’ve become a recycling convert. We can recycle so much more and it’s collected weekly. I can easily put the lid down on my wheelie bin now – and that’s after three week’s worth of rubbish. It’s absolutely fine.

“I love the new service. I don’t want it to go back to how it was before.”

Dad Paul Bennett said: “I really didn’t know how we were going to cope. I’ve got two young girls and we throw away far too much.

“As we can recycle so much more which is collected every week, the amount we throw away in our waste bin has reduced dramatically.

“It’s unbelievable really. I never thought it would work, but it does.”

Mum Traci Heir said: “We try not to waste much. Both my children were in real nappies and not disposable ones which reduced our rubbish considerably. “However, we were probably filling our wheelie bin every two weeks. Now, with the trials, it’s not at all full after three weeks. For us, being able to recycle plastics has made a big difference.”

Lynne Newby, who lives in The Colony with husband Andrew, said: “We think it’s really good. Our recycling bin and bag are full every week and our waste bin is half empty. Being able to recycle plastics and cardboard has made a difference.

“We really hope the trial continues and becomes the norm.”

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