Recycling: some observations

The saga of the bins is rumbling on, with folk still putting their bins in service lanes and getting upset when they are not emptied.

If I may, I should like to make a suggestion to the project officer of this undertaking. Make absolutely sure that everyone understands what you are going to do, and why.

Half the stuff that comes through people’s letterboxes remains unread. Binned, hopefully, in a green bin! Get your message across some other way. Some folk still think that the change is such a daft idea it won’t really be implemented.

Don’t rely on Google to tell you what a place is like, nor how many folk live there. Check the Electoral Roll, see what flats there are, how many bed-sits. Look at what happened in Bicton Street; because you did not have all the facts, you had to do a U-turn.

Liaise with social Services, so you know who will need help, and make provision for them. Liaise with your contractors on their progress. Apply logic, laced with lateral thinking.

What hasn’t helped this project is the fact that the Government and many councils have changed their minds about implementing this new system. Residents can’t really be blamed for not taking it as seriously as perhaps they should.

Another thing that hasn’t helped is the tendency for callers to the council to be given information which is contrary to that printed on official leaflets. Contrary even, in some cases, to assurances given by a councillor.

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That should not happen.

Ann Prior,

(via email).