Recycling Ideas

I am pleased that recycling collections are being carried out in the town and I appreciate the efforts behind this. However, I would like to point out what happens in Barnstaple, where they have been recycling for many years.

I have been informed that Barnstaple householders can anticipate a weekly recycling collection - a black bin for landfill and a large green bin for all garden waste.

Cardboard is recycled after collection from properties on a fortnightly basis alongside the garden and food waste. Plastic milk containers are also collected. Although the containers may look unsightly, surely this is an important way to do our bit to save our planet and its resources!

This may already have been considered, but I would like to make the following suggestion: that a cardboard recycling facility should be placed within the town centre or at Tesco or at another suitably identified accessible site, as the Recycling Centre is not on the bus route - therefore, not accessible to all. I feel as though an extra trip to the Recycling Centre is required at times - using more car fuel.

Gail Tanton

(via email).

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