Recycling bins have ruined town

What an ugly town Exmouth has become.

The recycling bin collection has ruined the town.

I accept that we had a seagull problem with the black bin bags in the town centre, but it was only in this particular area.

Now we have blue bins, huge landfill bins, recycling green bins, with numerous carrier bags next to them containing newspapers and huge bricks on top, in every road, avenue, lane and major roads at all times of the week.

Drive or walk anywhere now and all you see are bins being left outside. Half the residents cannot remember which days are collections for landfill or recycling, as they are different, so the bins are left permanently outside their properties. What a pretty sight this makes.

We also have huge litter bins and red, dog poo bins (all needed, I know and agree with). Everywhere you look, it’s bins.

I know the weather has contributed to the disruption of the collection and I am not commenting on this. It’s the whole picture since this new system started; it’s just ruined a beautiful town.

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I know we have to recycle, but, surely, the big chiefs can come up with something that does not ruin a town’s appearance.

Something is wrong somewhere. Tourists will not want to come and drive round, seeing bins everywhere. It has ruined Exmouth.

Name and address withheld.