Railing upset

As a Budleigh Salterton resident, living near the Gentleman’s Club, I am disappointed at your report (November 3) on the replacement of some of the nearby railings.

It seems that, in order to save money, the defective railings at the eastern end are likely to be replaced by cheap substitutes that do not match the fine existing railings, which have just been repainted and look magnificent.

Deputy Mayor Courtney Richards is reported as saying “As long as the match is close enough, I don’t think holidaymakers will even notice”.

My answer is: “Maybe not, but the residents will.”

This is a prime case of not saving the ship for a ha’porth of tar.

Current residents are lucky to inherit magnificent Victorian railings, which are worth a fortune.

They have a duty to look after them and pass them on in good condition.

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In the past, I have given substantially to save features of Budleigh Salterton. Now, at the age of 88 and living in poverty, I cannot afford this.

However, I could manage �50 if other residents will join me in raising the necessary money to do this job properly.

Otherwise, whenever on my walks I pass the botched railings, I shall say to myself: “They did not care enough.”

Perhaps the Journal will open a fund?

A Budleigh Resident