Queen’s role?

It is unlikely that I am the only Briton to wonder about the place of our Queen in the new, EU, order of things If I may, I should like to share what I recently learned about the matter.

Some 13 or so years ago, a reverend gentleman, who was watching our gradual loss of sovereignty with some alarm, suddenly recalled his vow of service to Her Majesty. He wondered about HM’s position in modern society. So he asked his dean.

The dean did not know. The question rose through church hierarchy until it reached Buckingham Palace. Wait for it. The question was put to an official of the EU. The response was stunning.

Our Queen, dear readers, is no longer of any importance in our land. She is, just like you and me, an ordinary citizen. Elizabeth II is our Head of State, it seems, but only for the time being.

That was 13 years ago. Anyone fancy asking for an up-date?

Ann Prior

75 Egremont Road, Exmouth.