Purse thefts - Police warn Exmouth pensioners

Pensioners in Exmouth are being warned to keep an eye on their belongings when shopping following a spate of purse thefts.

Exmouth’s elderly are being warned thieves are targeting pensioners shopping in the town centre.

The theft of a purse from an elderly lady’s bag while she was out in Exmouth on the afternoon of April 6 has prompted the police to warn pensioners to remain vigilant.

Officers said the culprits tend to work in groups and use a number of methods to divert attention away from the crime.

Exmouth police are urging residents to immediately report anyone acting suspiciously in the Magnolia Centre, or Exmouth town centre.

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Police community support officer Karen Capey said: “The town centre policing team would like to remind all shoppers, especially the elderly and infirm, as on previous occasions they have been the target for purse thefts.

“Please be mindful of where your purse or wallet is, and if possible wear a bag that is zipped around your waist.

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“If any person needs to use a walking aid or scooter, once again please make sure your purse or wallet is well hidden in a secure bag.

“Purse thieves generally do not operate alone. They are part of a group that will target the vulnerable by using distraction techniques.”

If you have any information about the purse theft, or have concerns about distraction thefts, contact Exmouth police on 08452 777 444.

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