Pupils display art

A la Ronde has inspired pupils from Bassett’s Farm Primary School to hold an exhibition of artwork

Pupils from Bassetts Farm Primary School are gearing up for an exhibition of their work at A la Ronde.

The youngsters’ work, inspired by the 18th century house, will be on show at A la Ronde from March 12 until March 23, from 10.30am to 5pm.

The children’s art work will be exhibited in the visitor’s reception and the Mary-Jane tearooms, situated in the old kitchens on the lower floor of the house. Admission is free.

The art work featured in the exhibition includes feather patterns, abstract drawings of A la Ronde, still-life drawings of shells, collage work using natural materials and layered pictures of scenes.

Year six pupil Aimee Williams said: “I enjoyed going to A la Ronde very much because we got a tour around the whole site. We used the inspiration from Jane and Mary Parminter’s art work to help us make our own art work.”

Nick Eveleigh, year five pupil, said: “I enjoyed making the variety of art work in school, inspired by A la Ronde.”

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Year four pupil Jasmine Simpson-Currie said: “It was a fun trip because I’ve never been before. I really enjoyed making silhouettes.”

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