Some public toilets could close as district council looks to balance the books

Public Toilet.

Public Toilet. - Credit: Archant

East Devon’s public toilets will be reviewed by the district council, with some closures possible.

The council (EDDC) has already carried out a controversial consultation on raising charges for use of its car parks and it is looking at other ways to make savings or generate cash.

The authority owns and operates public toilets throughout the district and independent council leader Ben Ingham told this paper councillors will be looking at whether the facilities are appropriate.

He said: "Do they feel that we need all the ones we've got? That's an efficiency saving. I wouldn't say shut them all or open them only on Tuesdays - that would be a bit unreasonable.

"You have to be reasonable."

Giving a hypothetical example, he continued: "There may be, let's say, in Seaton three or four that are really close together and you say do we need four of them? Two or three is good. It's just an example, you know."

Cllr Ingham said the need to improve the authority's finances is even more urgent as any changes to parking charges will not be implemented until 2021, rather than April 2020 as he had hoped.