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PUBLISHED: 01:01 21 February 2008 | UPDATED: 08:50 10 June 2010

As you may know, the Exe Trail cycle path is opening very soon. The path will run from Exmouth to Powderham. To help promote the path, Exmouth Cycle Hire, Exmouth Online and Beno Photographic have teamed together to build a new website. The site is a vi

As you may know, the Exe Trail cycle path is opening very soon. The path will run from Exmouth to Powderham. To help promote the path, Exmouth Cycle Hire, Exmouth Online and Beno Photographic have teamed together to build a new website. The site is a visually stunning design with an emphasis on high quality photographs and detailed information. The site will include a guestbook, gallery and suggestions of what to see and do along the trail. The site address is and we would like to invite people to take a sneak peek before the launch date on the March 1 when the site will be complete. Exe Trail Team - Daniel, Jon, David,46 Evergreen Close, Exmouth.DESECRATION OF EXMOUTHI agree that a new supermarket is required for Exmouth, but I cannot believe that anyone of sane mind would consider using an area of prime waterfront in a popular seaside resort to build one. Does anyone know of any other seaside town that would allow such a thing? I'm sure East Devon District Council would not permit it on their doorstep in Sidmouth!With each issue of The Journal, we are being made aware that the development seems to be growing; it now transpires that flats are also included in this plan. Also, the supermarket is likely to sell clothes (which will result in clothes shops in the town closing down - leaving more places for charity shops!). Will there be a petrol station announced next?I fail to understand why we need a new sports centre - there is a perfectly adequate one already in existence.If the library needs to be relocated (does it?), surely Rolle College has a purpose-built one that could be used. What plans are there for the existing library - will it be sold to developers, as intended for Elizabeth Hall, and demolished?Why do we need a new community centre? Elizabeth Hall is available - if only EDDC would spend some money on it and market it properly. No, they are determined to sell it to a developer, even though it was given to the people of Exmouth by covenant.What will be done to address the problem of litter from a new supermarket? Take at look at Tesco Exe Vale; the hedges and adjoining areas are thick with litter. Do we really want the river and adjacent areas to be a tip?It is stated that the supermarket will create 'more footfall' in town. People generally go to the supermarket, purchase their shopping and then go home; they are unlikely to go to town first, pay for parking, and then move on to the supermarket car park. With the current rate of closure of shops, what will there be for them in town to go to? If the main post office is also to be relocated to a new supermarket, that will further decrease footfall in town and also lead to problems for many of the residents.What will happen to the public car park, station car park and lorry park? If these are all to go, the already problematical on-street parking in town will be greatly exacerbated.I am of the opinion that EDDC rides rough-shod over Exmouth, ignoring the wishes of its residents, using it to generate cash for the Sidmouth coffers. It is no answer to say that the councillors were elected to make decisions on the behalf of residents - they have an obligation to listen to, and represent, them.'Regeneration of Exmouth'? More like 'Desecration of Exmouth'!Howard Samuel,9 Lawn Road, Exmouth.SOME PEOPLE'S DISGUSTING HABITSSome people have very disgusting habits while they are out and about within our town. To name but a few are those who spit, drop litter, leave cigarette ends where they decide they should be discarded, throw food away where they consider it fit to do so, spit out chewing gum and those who leave used syringes around the town. Further to such habits are those of urinating and vomiting in shop doorways.How can this be seen to be acceptable in this day and age, especially when we are reminded not to feed the pigeons and seagulls for they spread disease?Is it, therefore, true to state that some human beings should not be fed either, for they are vermin and spread disease too?Harry Corondis,(via email).TWO SUPERMARKETS ARE ENOUGHRegarding the ASDA supermarket proposal. We have a Tesco just outside of town, easily reached by bus. There is also a Somerfield in the centre of Exmouth, so why do we need an ASDA to come here and take over the town?Betty Cole,29 Glebelands, Lympstone.A LITTLE BIT MORE, MORE AND MOREWhat an interesting week. First, we get Brian Greenslade on television saying, as if it should be self-evident to all but the stupidest residents: "Oh, people won't mind paying a bit more for better services."We have been paying that 'bit more', in one recent year 18 per cent more, and I haven't yet seen a vast improvement in services, has anybody else, I wonder?Then we get Simon Wood, Exmouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, saying that a, once again, small increase in council tax etc should be levied to obviate the necessity to cut our fire cover. Just a little bit more, please note. I thought we had already paid for all these services.If there isn't enough money to cover all our requirements, let's save a bit here and there. For instance, let us get rid of the Regional Assembly, an entirely useless and parasitic organisation, jobs for the boys in the worst possible manifestation - no-one wanted it, so it was imposed upon us willy nilly. I haven't seen any improvement in out lives initiated by them, have you? East Devon has some 40,000 pensioners out of a total population of 125,000, and some 40 per cent over 50, all, struggling on ever more worthless pensions, many of which have been depleted by Gordon Brown's multi-billion pound pensions fund grab. We are then informed, in one week, that electricity is going up about 15 per cent, gas roughly the same, obviously council tax and water rates will increase by as much as is allowed, now our cheap evening telephone calls are to be abolished and we are taxed out of existence to ensure that, despite unwise investments and extra Government taxes, our well padded civil service and local government employees all get the full, index linked pensions to which they were originally entitled. Just put up the tax bills until there is enough in the kitty, seems to be the general attitude.So the struggling pensioners are being penalised even further to ensure the future comfort of people who are, nominally at least, employed and paid by us to make our lives more enjoyable. Odd situation, isn't it?Oh yes, I forgot, petrol and diesel up to around a fiver a gallon now, - it beggars belief, it really does. No reasonable public transport alternative, of course.George Fardell,The Retreat, Lympstone.CHERISH OUR HERITAGEIn response to your recent articles regarding Exmouth Town Council's proposals for the redevelopment of the town centre, I am writing to add my voice to the many correspondents concerned that such sweeping changes can be proposed without proper consultation. I am also angered that an assumption has been made that what we all want and need is a modern, busy and 'vibrant' (ie noisy) town centre, when in fact Exmouth's appeal is that it represents exactly the opposite. Some time ago my partner and I escaped from busy, modern, vibrant London in search of a quieter life. In addition to our long-standing family connections in the town, what attracted us to Exmouth was its peaceful, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and old-fashioned charm.Yes, the town does have its problems, but the proposed changes only seem set to make things worse, not better. Yes, parking is a real problem, and it's easy to appreciate how a multi-storey car park might seem like a solution, but surely we should be looking at putting parking underground rather than erecting an ugly concrete pile? Yes, the London Inn car park is an eyesore, and a (tasteful) new development on the site would no doubt be a good idea, but wouldn't a 'town square' for 'performances' only increase the noise pollution currently caused by the local pubs? Why not use it for housing instead? Do we really need a superstore on the estuary? Of course not - superstores belong out of town, and, if Tesco needs competition, then stick Asda next door to it and let them fight it out. But what's really made me angry enough to write in is the proposal that the Strand Gardens should be replaced by a 'piazza' (ie concrete wasteland). Why would anyone in their right mind want to remove the last green oasis in the town centre? So it'll be easier to clean up all the chewing gum, cigarette ends, vomit and excrement generated by our exciting, 'vibrant' new nightlife? A real improvement to the town centre would be to lavish the gardens with a bit of TLC - replant them, put back the railings and restore the shelter - to provide a truly beautiful centrepiece for Exmouth. Enough damage has been done to the town by the 'improvements' of the past few decades (anyone remember the lovely railway station we once had?). Now it's time to show how proud we are of Exmouth by cherishing our heritage, not destroying it.Delia Pemberton,9 Clarence Road,Budleigh Salterton.WHO IS THIS CHAMPION?It was with interest and bemusement that I read your piece in the Journal (February 7) about the start of work on the old swimming pool site. The accompanying photo depicted a Councillor Phillip Skinner, 'Champion for Exmouth Regeneration', switching on the digger. Firstly, who is Councillor Skinner? I am unaware of an elected district councillor for Exmouth called Skinner. Secondly, if Exmouth needs a 'Champion', surely one of our 15 district councillors elected by the people of Exmouth would be more appropriate. I am sure they do their utmost to 'Champion' our needs and views.The redevelopment of the site is long overdue and the plans were approved by Exmouth district and town councillors some time ago. It is a pity that some of them were not included in the photograph. Their presence would have been more appropriate than Councillor Skinner's. Again, the district council is sidelining the people of Exmouth.Mrs E Beech,125 Salterton Road, Exmouth.

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