Prom for walking

The writer of the ‘unfriendly signs’ letter, proposing that cycling be allowed on the Budleigh Salterton ‘promenade’ is being distinctly ‘user unfriendly’.

Can we consider what a ‘promenade or esplanade’ actually is?

It is a long stretch of open, level ground (paved or grassy) provided specifically for walking beside the seashore.

Or, perhaps, the writer prefers the Latin definition of ‘prominare’ - to drive forward with threatening shouts (from the ‘minari’), or, in this case, from hordes of Lycra louts, peddling furiously.

People generally come to Budleigh seafront for peace and quiet, not danger and excitement, and the ‘promenade’ is provided and designed to achieve this objective.

Alan Gooch

(via email).

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