I refer to your leading article in the Budleigh Journal last week about the Longboat application.

I refer to your leading article in the Budleigh Journal last week about the Longboat application.

I, together with many other residents, attended this meeting which, from the outset, indicated East Devon District Council had decided to let this application go through.

The chairman stated that this was not so. However, as the meeting progressed, it became increasingly obvious to us that he and other members of the committee had already made their decision and, come what may, the Longboat Cafe would be imposed on us.

It is difficult to understand on what grounds they state the majority of residents support the plans. I have spoken to many people, and apart from just one, all are against the proposal as it now stands.

If the present historic Longboat buildings has to be destroyed, together with the shelter, a smaller, less overpowering building could take its place. However, to impose this vast leviathan, made of glass and aluminium, is totally out of keeping with our own seafront and to have to look down on a huge expanse of aluminium roof is just too much.

I notice a lot of work is now in progress on the shelter and observation platform. New glass has been installed at either end - the work must be costing several hundred pounds - is this an indication that it will be preserved or is it just that one hand does not know what the other hand is doing?

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Clarification on this would be appreciated. If the plans go ahead, I feel EDDC should be made to defray the costs involved.

It would be very interesting if you, as our only local newspaper, could invite readers to make known their own feeling on the matter. I realise it is probably too late to alter the minds of the planning committee, but until we know for sure just how many real objections from real local residents have been made, as opposed to the pro-forma comments made by visitors at the cafe, then our beloved seafront will be scarred for life and we will have lost the shelter, much appreciated by many of us silver tops.

Peter Bashford,

33 East Budleigh Road,

Budleigh Salterton.