Praise for the recycling scheme

Every weekday, at about 7.15am, I drive up Rolle Street, Exmouth, to go to work.

Normally, on Thursday, the town is full of black garbage bags, ripped open and all the contents thrown around the pavements and roads, usually a few seagulls enjoying an early breakfast, followed by the street cleaner, trying his best to pick it all up.

Last Thursday, when I went up Rolle Street, what a shock! No rubbish, no black bags and no seagulls eating breakfast.

Instead, I saw clean pavements and roads. I did wonder for one minute maybe it wasn’t Thursday, but then I noticed small blue food bins and recycling bins and the odd gull-proof sack. Let’s hope this helps the town centre problem.

Yes, there are teething problems. My daughter still hasn’t got a recycling bin, even though she has asked for one on numerous occasions, and I have to admit even I got confused when to put out my landfill, but I got there in the end.

Jan Franks,

4 Carter Avenue, Exmouth.