Power of prayer

The article in the Journal, dated October 27, about how Exmouth has prospered and crime has reduced over the summer is so encouraging to hear.

We, the Christian Community, have felt the need to pray specifically for these things during this time and that people coming here for holidays would leave with a lovely memory of Exmouth.

In particular, a group of Christian men have been praying for the town and all the institutions within it at the town gates (all the entry points to the town) for the past two years - we call ourselves Gatekeepers.

We would like to take this a stage further and pray for individual institutions, co-operating with them to pray for their specific needs.

To do this, we need contact with members of those institutions who would liaise with us to convey their particular needs.

If you read this and feel you are that person, please contact us. Prayer changes things.

Peter Turner

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