Positive welcome

In your article last week on the draft blueprint for the town centre, you helpfully reported that the Exmouth Community Association has two major concerns:

l lack of evidence of the need for a new supermarket in the town centre.

l inadequate plans for managing traffic into the proposed Station Square.

We believe that these two issues should be addressed very soon.

Unfortunately, your report missed out the positive welcome we have given to the report. In our response to East Devon District Council we said:

“The overall conception, framework and general criteria set out in the master plan are welcomed.

“It offers an imaginative strategy for development and exciting possibilities for the town.

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“Many of the proposals made by ECA in its previous reports, particularly ‘Future of Estuary Front and London Inn’ (Spring 2010) and ‘Seafront Report’ (August 2010), are reflected in the draft. It should stop piecemeal development and, once agreed, will promote regeneration of Exmouth in a planned context.

“The structure of the report is good. It allows consideration of key issues, such as the environmental, social and economic contexts and challenges relating to transport and it presents a clear vision for the future.

“It is appreciated that the production of development briefs to realise the opportunities for change will have to be the subject of detailed consultation before development plans are considered.”

Our view is that Exmouth should take this opportunity to look for sources for financing projects, plan through the current period of austerity and make progress within the overall strategy on whichever specific projects can be funded.

We must make it clear to East Devon District Council, Devon County Council and potential investors that we are a town that treasures its assets and is both positive and confident about developing the town to preserve and enhance its character and its quality.

Roy Pryke

Chairman of Exmouth

Community Association.

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