‘Hometown Hero’ Poppy Fardell releases latest single

Poppy Fardell perfomrning at Exmouth Festival. Picture: John Bailey

Poppy Fardell perfomrning at Exmouth Festival. Picture: John Bailey - Credit: John Bailey

A singer/songwriter who grew up in Exmouth has released a song based on a relationship she had while living in the East Devon resort.

Poppy Fardell’s new single, Hometown Hero, was co-written with fellow artist Beth Keeping, about ‘that one relationship everyone remembers’.

The song will be available on all music streaming services from Friday, October 30.

Former Exmouth Community College pupil Poppy shot the music video on Exmouth beach and said the location was the ‘perfect setting’ for the song.

She said: “My parents and some of my siblings still live there, and the whole song is about a relationship that happened there, so I thought it was perfect to shoot the video on the beach/the cliffs as it has so much meaning to the song.

“I wanted to write a song about that one relationship everyone remembers and it’s either because you ended up together or you didn’t.

“In this case, I didn’t. The song questions what could have been if you’d have stayed.

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“Stayed with your high-school love - or in this case, your hometown hero - never ventured out to see if there’s more.

“It asks the ‘what if’ question - in another life is there a version of us that still exists?”

Prior to moving to London at the age of 19, Poppy, now aged 24, was a member of Exmouth youth theatre group Centre Stage.

The country-pop singer/songwriter has also performed in many bars and restaurants in town and also at Exmouth Festival.

Poppy said she loves coming back to the town where she grew up and especially playing the festival.

She also said she learned a lot from her time at Centre Stage, where she played the leads in Footloose, Miss Saigon and The Sound of Music.

She moved to London to train as an actress and put her music career on hold.

However, after graduating Poppy decided she wanted to get back into her music.

She is currently recording a six-song EP (extended play album) – three of which have already been released.

Her last single, Better Start, was released during lockdown and the music video was shot in Woodbury Common.

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