Poor poll station

My wife and I held a committee meeting at our house on polling day - 7pm-9pm.

At 8pm, the phone rang and a gentleman asked my name and said: “Are you voting tonight?” I replied: “Yes, later”, and put the phone down.

After our meeting, we drove to St John’s, Withycombe, to vote in the hall at the rear. On turning into the church grounds, we would have been in total darkness, but for our headlights.

We noticed there were only two small lights on the outside of the hall. I waited for my wife to register, then I said to the chap sitting at the table: “This is a very poor polling station.”

His reply: “Why?” I said: “It is pitch dark walking from the main road into the church grounds; anyone could walk into the granite stone wall of the church and injure themselves.”

He said “We were told the sensor light was working over the side door of the church. We will report your comments.”

On returning to my car, I switched on the headlights and noticed a woman standing by the polling sign attached to the hedge opposite the church. I told her the tennis complex was over the hedge, the polling station is over here. She said “What brainless twit put this sign up without an arrow pointing to the hall?”

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Later, I was told the sign on the wall outside the hall main entrance had an arrow pointing skywards and voters were seen going round the back of the hall to vote.

Where were the so-called health and safety brigade?

A Cuff

33 Hamilton Lane, Exmouth.