Pony and trap took wedding guests to farm reception

This picture was taken in 1912, but was not taken in Woodbury. It was taken at Stibbear Farm, near Ilminster in Somerset.

However, it has family connections for me, and was taken at a wedding of a family member, and shows the large well-dressed turnout for obviously an important event.

My connection with the picture is purely the fact that the small baby on his mother’s knee was eventually to become my father.

The rather robust gentleman sat beside her was her father, great grandad Pyne from Postlake Farm, on the edge of Woodbury parish.

Back in 1994, my father and I tracked down this farm and paid a visit to see if it was still there.

We were given a warm welcome by the current tenant and his wife.

You will notice the beautifully trained pear tree on the wall behind the people and we were told that it remained there until 1976, when it sadly became a victim of the severe drought of that year.

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However, we were able to see a shadowy outline of the tree, which had engrained itself onto the wall over the years, and was still there.

Everybody had apparently travelled to the wedding by train, and then by pony and trap to the farm. What a difference from today!


See more photos from Roger Stokes’ collection: www.woodburydevon.co.uk

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