Police the gardens

Regarding poor rubbish facilities at Plantation Gardens.

As a person who walks or, should I say, takes their dog for his constitutional every other morning on my mobility scooter, visiting Plantation Gardens, I have to say I am appalled by the amount of rubbish that is left strewn about because of the lack of actual rubbish bins.

Every time my woofer and I visit this area, we find plastic bags, beer cans, beer cartons, crisp packets and other litter, plus large amounts of glass left over the ground.

It is a wonder the rubbbish doesn’t put people off walking, or riding in my case, through there, or walking their dogs because of the glass.

There are not enough rubbish bins. There are more bins for dog mess, for those who can be bothered to clean up after their pets.

I would like to know if any law enforcement officers ever patrol these gardens after 5pm because I am sure they would see why the gardens are left in such a state and why I, and a lot of mature people, do not walk (or ride) there late in the evening.

A lack of a policing is probably why under-age drinkers and the usual drinkers use the area.

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You are lucky to see at one police officer patrolling in the day, let alone at night, where the trouble spots are, so there is no deterrent.

If we say something to the drinkers about picking up cans and not throwing rubbish about, we usually get a mouthful of abuse.

Surely, it would not hurt to send a constable through there once a week to see for themselves these under-age and mature drinkers making this walkway a mess.

Still, it will be left as it is and the council will say they haven’t the funds to support this idea - because they are spending the money on projects that two-thirds of the population of Exmouth do not actually want.

Philip Price

(via email).

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