Police step up patrols in Budleigh after trouble

TROUBLESOME youths were spotted threatening to beat up random passers-by during a night out in Budleigh Salterton.

The incident, last Saturday, June 26, has prompted police to step up their patrols in the area to try and stop such anti-social behaviour from happening again. A concerned resident reported the problem at around 10.40pm.

It is understood a group of around 40 youths were behaving in an unruly manner near the Feathers Hotel. They then moved towards Westbourne Terrace, where an altercation broke out between the group members.

A man sustained facial injuries.

PC Simon Evans, of Budleigh police, said, hopefully, this was an isolated incident.

Reassuring members of the public concerned about such trouble, he said: “We will be increasing patrols in the area, as we want to reduce the risk of this happening again.

“Investigations are continuing at the moment into what happened last weekend.

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“A few weeks ago we had a similar incident involving a large group who came over to Budleigh from Exmouth for a party.

“Because it was advertised on Facebook, there were a large number of people who came to the town.”

Mr Evans urged people that, if they see groups gathering and there appeared to be a problem with anti-social behaviour, they should call 0845 777444.

“If they think there is something serious happening there, then they should call 999. But, hopefully this will be an isolated incident.

“We can only act on calls that are reported to us. Once we get a call, we can make sure we are there at these times.”

Linda Evans, of Victoria Place, heard the group of youths being rowdy and echoed the hopes of PC Evans in saying she hoped this was an isolated incident.

“I believe the youngsters moved into Jubilee field and were having a party, which often happens when people finish their exams.

“Hopefully, their behaviour on this occasion was a one-off and it does not become regular.

“I do not want people to get a bad impression of Budleigh Salterton because it is not a Newquay, where this type of thing seems to happen.”

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