Police medal award tribute

AN Exmouth detective s retirement is to be marked in style with a medal presented by the Queen.

AN Exmouth detective's retirement is to be marked in style with a medal presented by the Queen.

Detective sergeant Pete Jones, 57, next Wednesday hangs up his handcuffs and retires after 17 years on the force - and his long service and dedication to the job has been officially recognised among the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Det Sgt Jones, who joined the CID in 1996, has been awarded the Queen's Police Medal which will be presented at Buckingham Palace in the autumn in front of his family and best friend, David Ellis, who he has known from childhood.

Det Sgt Jones said the award came as complete surprise, and credited his success to his colleagues and family.

The Det Sgt, who served in Northern Iraq and Northern Ireland as a Royal Marine, said: "It would have been impossible without the hard work and support of the people I work with. We have got a good office and have a good exchange of information.

"The people I have worked with over the last 17 years have been prepared to put the community before themselves.

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"I also could not have done this without the support from my wife. "When the phone goes at two o'clock in the morning, it's not just me who gets woken up. It's also my wife, Jackie, and my son, Ian. "They have had to put up with a lot over the years. Their support has been important to me."

A Royal Marine for 22 years, where he was in the military police, Det Sgt Jones retired and joined Devon and Cornwall police in June 1992, where it was always his ambition to be a detective sergeant.

As a fresh-faced copper, he began his police probation in Exmouth, where he has lived for the last 34 years.

During his eight years as a detective sergeant and three years as detective constable, he took up posts in Exeter and Torquay.

He said it was fitting to end his career in the town where it all began.

Det Sgt Jones plans to take a short break after retiring before taking on a part -time job.

He said: "It's nice to finish my career in Exmouth. I always wanted to come back.